Centro Cultural Britânico - São Paulo, Brazil, 2008

From 06 May to 07 Jun 2008

In its 12th edition, Cultura Inglesa Festival features individual exhibitions by three artists that have been highly praised recently: Pernambuco's Deyson Gilbert, Paraná's Odires Mlászho and Rio Grande do Sul's Letícia Ramos. With a focus on British culture, the artists created works that can be seen at the British Brazilian Center, in the Pinheiros neighborhood.


Deyson Gilbert was responsible for the installation On British Punctuality and Humor, Brazilian Golden Law and International Politics Today (Jean Charles Monument). Odires Mlászho brings the collage work entitled riverrunreverseflash, while Letícia Ramos presents Cronocópios, a video inspired by the images of Edward Muybridge, British photographer.

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