North Pole, Svalbard - Norway, 2012

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The BITÁCORA project, developed by artist Letícia Ramos, is inspired by the Beaufort Scale and its peculiar visual descriptions of the effect of winds on land and sea. Through the observation of new reference elements of the arctic landscape, the artist intends to create a new poetic and chromatic classification of the landscape based on the influence of the winds. To this end, he built his own camera based on the designs of the first wooden submarines and on polaroid technology and traveled with him to the Arctic region of Svalbard on board a sailboat.

The BITÁCORA project is the first in the Extraordinary Atlas series, in which the artist establishes closer dialogues with other areas of science and the arts, on trips to specific geographic regions. The BITÁCORA project was funded by the Marc Ferrez Photography Prize, FUNARTE and by Instituto Itaú Cultural.

Making of Bitacora

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