16mm transferred to HD ,5.1 sound, 7’34’’

The film tells the story of a human colony on an incognito planet where an old cereal silo has been built. Natural phenomena and climate changes cause the silo to break and a strange plantation starts to grow. Winner project of the Videoart Award, awarded by the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation - Brazil. Project fully realized with models and microscopic file image manipulation in open studio model in PIVÔ - Art and Research in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“Via Aérea”, Sesc Belenzinho - São Paulo, Brazil, 2018
Frestas Triennal - São Paulo, Brazil , 2017
“Plagiarising the future”, Hangar - Lisbon, Portugal, 2016
35o Edition of ArcoMadrid Fair, Mendes Wood Gallery - Madrid, Spain, 2016

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