16 mm transferred to HD , 7’ 34’’, 5.1 sound SINGLE CHANNEL

The film tells the story of a human colony on an incognito planet where an old cereal silo has been built. Natural phenomena and climate changes cause the silo to break and a strange plantation starts to grow.

Winner project of the Videoart Award, awarded by the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation. Project fully realized with models and microscopic file image manipulation in open studio model in PIVÔ - Art and Research in São Paulo, Brazil.

“Via Aérea”, Sesc Belenzinho - São Paulo, Brazil, 2018
Frestas Triennal - São Paulo, Brazil , 2017
“Plagiarising the future”, Hangar - Lisbon, Portugal, 2016
35o Edition of ArcoMadrid Fair, Mendes Wood Gallery - Madrid, Spain, 2016

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