Nouveau Musée National de Monaco - Villa Paloma, Monaco, 2017

March 17th to June 11th 2017

Around 1827, Hercule Florence described in his logbook “Viagem Fluvial do Tietê ao Amazonas“, a region of abrupt rock formations nearby São Geronimo Mountain. During a hard trip up and down waterfalls, Hercule took a moment to observe and draw the amazing landscape. Probably, the most magical moment in his journey.

The film “THE BLUE NIGHT“ reconstructs the stellar, cloud movement and shadows behind the emblematic Chapada Diamantina stones. Influenced by the “tableaux transparent“ and the “stereopinture“, the film talks about an imaginary lost night in time and space.

The film, shot with a stop motion technique, was made using all the current microfilm process that is still in use in Brazil to copy and preserve legal documents. The set was composed with many layers and small models by a regular microfilm camera table. The sound designed mixed night birdsongs and an assembled sound space of this magical region. The original sound track was recorded in a live studio performance with an electronic musical instrument, the Theremin, and an analogical synthesizer orchestra.

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