Galeria TINAG, Buenos Aires – Argentina, 2008

It determines a wall in the ephemeral garden.
A sea that is not the sea.
A water town, store walls.
Take a look at a hidden garden.

The CRONOPIO camera approaches memory, a field notebook, a disposable travel camera. The works exhibited in “This is not a gallery” seek to build a fictional environment of FANTASTIC GARDENS idealized by an explorer who observes a landscape in search of the source of light. The LOMO OKTOMATIC camera has 8 lenses that are in different focal points, allowing the movement of light in the frame, or also the pulsar. The painting in constant motion produces a sensation of vertigo in contrast to the bucolic landscape, conveying a soul of fickle nature.


The FANTASTIC GARDEN is spied on by a party. Its soundtrack reinforces the oneiric character and is inspired by a music box. The video obeys an audiovisual syntax and narratively presents a dream space arousing the curiosity of passersby.

The EFÊMERO GARDEN creates a physical and transitory environment that can be recurrent and experienced. The path begins in a corridor inhabited by leaves. The projector's lower light reaches or passes through the glass windows and produces small reflections in them. No main shed reaches the end of the crawl and thus, creating a metaphor for a fantastic space: the MAR video is projected in large dimensions. The intensity of the sea and the increase in the spatial scale provided by the corridor/shed transition invites contemplation. This ephemeral installation composed of the videos "HOJAS" and "MAR" expands its narrative character by constituting a video scenario that allows the spatial reduction of the viewer.

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