Itaú Cultural de Artes Visuais - São Paulo, Brazil, 200 - Curated by Paulo Sergio Duarte
Casa Andrade Muricy – Curitiba, Brazil, 2009 -  Curated by Marília Panitz
Museu de Arte Moderna – Salvador, Brazil, 2009 - Curated by Christine Mello
Paço Imperial - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2009-2010 - Curated by Paulo Sergio Duarte

Trilhas do Desejo - São Paulo: From 12 March to 10 May 2009 Obsolências - Curitiba: From 01 July to 09 August 2009 Espaços em relação / Fluidez e Simultaneidade - Salvador: From 13 August to 13 November 2009
Trilhas do Desejo - Rio de Janeiro: From 16 December 2009 to 28 February 2010

Images captured during a day, at Largo de Pinheiros, in the city of São Paulo, with three lomographic cameras - simple Russian machines that operate with film, producing very particular images, with certain distortions. Thus, a strange movement appears, a time that is not conventional, that registers the life of the megalopolis and offers us images that evoke other times. As in the chronopios that give a title to the work, which mentions those created by the writer Julio Cortázar, a conjunction of records without many definitions, but that tells us something. Letícia Ramos produces her video installation making the image the result of a demonstrated process, in the presence of the machines that capture and edit the image. In the projections, the overlap proposes other angles, other records of the known. Documented ephemerality. At the same time outside and inside the time.

Marília Panitz

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