Hangar Residency , Lisbon - Portugal, 2016

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On 1 November 1755, on the day of all saints, a great earthquake, followed byfire and a tsunami, devastated the city of Lisbon. In 1999 on the Algarve coast,hundreds of people were evacuated from the beach in the face of a possible giantwave. The first event left deep marks in Lisbon giving rise to a new route for thecity. The second, however, would later be confirmed with a collective illusion. Amirage generated by the thermal and optical effect known as fata morgana.

From the historicalinvestigation of these facts and other adjacent issues that thistheme can generate, such as: simulation devices and earthquake measuringequipment, photographic techniques for recording and calculating movement,holography and mirage, the artist will develop a series of experiences that willresult in unpublished works.

The project is funded by the Bolsa de Artes of Fundación Botin (Spain) inpartnership with the artistic residency Hangar (Lisbon), with funding from theDirectorate-General for the Arts-Government of Portugal

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