Novo Banco Photo (BES Photo Award)
Collection Berardo Museum - Lisbon, Portugal, 2014
Tomie Ohtake - São Paulo, Brazil, 2014

From 24 october 2014 to 11 january 2015

After Pedro Motta's win last year, the NOVO BANCO PHOTO (ex-BESphoto), in its 2014 edition awards the first prize to another Brazilian, the artist Letícia Ramos. In its 10th edition, the finalists’ exhibition, realized through a partnership between the Novo Banco, the Museu Coleção Berardo and the Tomie Ohtake Institute, after its passage through the Portuguese museum, will be presented in São Paulo, from October 24, 2014, to January 11, 2015.

The choice of Délio Jasse (Angola), José Pedro Cortes (Portugal) and Letícia Ramos (Brazil) for the prize was made by the first selection jury, who analyzed, during the period of time defined by the procedure rules, the panorama of photographic production by artists from Portugal, Brazil and African countries with Portuguese as their official language.

The series of works presented in this exhibition is a tribute to the romantic scientific imagination, to the idea of the future of the 50s, to the multidisciplinary inventors and to discoverers of distant worlds. The name of the exhibition comes from a title found in a newspaper article about the arrival of Curiosity to Mars last year, and it’s a direct reference to the phrase “We’ll Always Have Paris” from the movie Casablanca.

The presented works build a narrative near to science-fiction, an inventory of images that speak of the scientist lost in time and space. The exhibition consists of photographs produced from a microfilm process, as well as a 35mm short-film entitled VOSTOK. The film was made from miniatures and it records the trajectory of a microsubmarine adrift in the depths of a prehistoric lake submerged in the Antarctic ice.

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