CRONÓPIOS is a 35mm video installation in loop.

The artist created a system to capture and project images with which she registers a day, from sunrise till dusk, in the area called Largo de Pinheiros. The film that composes the installation was realized with 3 cameras LOMO OKTOMATIC of 8 lenses. This type of camera permits to portray a scene during 2,5 seconds through different points of view. As the lenses are in different positions, the object moves independently of the conventional registration of time.

Largo de Pinheiros is a point that connects the periphery with the center of São Paulo. Metropolitan Bus Stations attract people to this area and generate a diverse popular place for business, both legal and informal. The flow of workers from different origins and regions constitute a space of intense cultural confluence. Cars, trucks and buses dispute its small, saturated streets. In this context, the process of modification of the spatial flow is very visible. The transitory structures that exist in this type of intervention of urban revitalization generate a provisory flow, changing the landscape. The film is made of this contrast between the old and the provisory.

The edition of the video installation is composed by a projection through an acrylic screen. In addition of this projection that occurs in the two sides of the transparent screen, the reflection of light produced by this material generates two more projections in specific angles and with different intensities. The spectator can circulate around the screen and visualize the different angles of projection and reflection obtaining points of view with different superimpositions and angular combinations of the scene.

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