35mm transferred to HD, 3' looping, single-channel

The CRONOPIO camera approaches memory, a field notebook, a disposable travel camera. The works exhibited in “This is not a gallery” seek to build a fictional environment of FANTASTIC GARDEN idealized by an explorer who observes a landscape in search of the source of light. The LOMO OKTOMATIC camera has 8 lenses that are in different focal points, allowing the movement of light in the frame, or also the pulsar. The painting in constant motion produces a sensation of vertigo in contrast to the bucolic landscape, conveying a soul of fickle nature.

The FANTASTIC GARDEN is spied on by a party. Its soundtrack reinforces the oneiric character and is inspired by a music box. The video obeys an audiovisual syntax and narratively presents a dream space arousing the curiosity of passersby.

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