Pivô Arte e Pesquisa, São Paulo - Brasil, 2013

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PIVÔ within the program “PIVÔ CONVIDA” presents the project of Brazilian artist Leticia Ramos on the second floor of the space. The artist assembles a film set to capture images for her book and film “VOSTOK - a prologue”. As of March 12, the artist's work environment can be visited by the public and her results can be seen on the blog. 

After returning from an artistic expedition at the North Pole, Leticia is surprised by the news that the Russian scientific base Vostok located in Antarctica was able to take samples from a lake located 4 km below the ice, “time capsules” from the period when the continent began to freeze. Based on this real data, she created a fictional narrative in which she as an explorer “takes samples” from a lake that recreates glacial conditions.

The narrative process turns into artistic action with the development of four environments that recreate the polar lake: aquarium, model, pool and projection screen, in which the images that stage the fantastic story about the scientific hypothesis will be captured and captured. land before it froze and the continent was frozen.

The experience becomes an evocation of an unreality. Several layers from the real fact, from the creation of invented images to the composition of a fictional universe, allow the viewer to reflect on the construction of a narrative, located between the limit between the true and the false.

The images will be part of a publication, which as a “bitacora notebook” forms part of the series “The Extraordinary Atlas”, part of Ramos' research focused on the creation of new photographic devices to capture and reconstruct the movement. The book is expected to launch in the second half of 2013.

As the end of the project's production stage, Ramos proposes the performance “Rehearsal for orchestral recording”, together with artist Lúcia Koch and composer and conductor Rossano Snell. In the scenarios used by Leticia, with Koch lighting and Snell score for four instruments in three periods inspired by the images of VOSTOK, the musicians will perform the improvised interpretation with percussion and wind instruments and also using the objects of the set.

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